Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Confession #19 : Exhaustion at its finest.

Confession: I'm exhausted.

Well I've survived 2 weeks.  I can say that week 2 has been way easier then week 1.  I was completely depressed the first week. Mostly because I still hated how things happened with the c section and how badly my body ached. Now that I'm doing better physically, my emotional state is starting to even out a little bit. I still don't like that I had a c section and NEVER want to experience it again, it's over and one with and I have my baby boy here.

Baby M has been having loads of gas issues.  We took him into the doc yesterday because his breathing became different and he wouldn't stop crying. With the use of an x-ray machine we discovered that he has an unusually large amount of gas filling his intestines and causing him lots of pain.  So, he is now on gas drops.  Last night was rough because he still has his days and nights mixed up and his tummy hurt. I was up with him from about 2-6am trying to comfort him.  Then at 7am Dad took over and for a solid hour was a farting machine and after he ate his breakfast, he had a huge poopie explosion all over me and our bed.  I wasn't even a little bit irritated that I had to wash everything that early in the morning, I was just grateful he pooped.  I found myself saying, "way to go!" and "keep it up!" every time he tooted.  You don't realize how important gas and pooping is, until you can't anymore.  Poor little man.  Today has been much better, he hasn't been as fussy and he's sleeping more comfortably it seems.

I'm amazed at what the human body can do on only a few hours of sleep and despite being up all night, having a headache that won't go away, an insanely messy house, a itchy rash ( on my incision) that won't go away either, a massive amount of poop covered laundry to do and a flabby body that I won't be able to work on for months....  I'm just happy watching my little guy sleep in his swing and Little P watching Thomas the Train.

I'm totally exhausted and I don't really care that I am.  

In other news.  I'm an aunt!  There are loads of nieces and nephews on hubby's side of the family but until recently my two little ones were the only ones to fill up grand baby slots on my side.  Sweet little Baby A came early Monday morning to my brother and sister in law and she is gorgeous. Just like her mama.  She's definitely got "the cheeks".  She isn't alone in that though, my Little P has them too. Baby Boy M got away with that one and inherited his Daddy's slimmer facial features.

Still taking things one day at a time.  Although it really feels one minute at a time.

And I'm grateful for healthy children. And little baby toots.

Yours truly,

the unbalanced, exhausted, mother of 2, woman.