Saturday, October 16, 2010


I'm feeling the need to restate my purpose about why I have this blog.

I'm not here to tell people how to live. I'm also not here to be a "know-it-all"

I realize that I don't know everything. I am learning just as much as the next person.

I am trying to learn from my weaknesses and improve as a person. 

As I vent about my unbalanced life,  it helps me to overcome the thoughts, and feelings I have resulting from my Postpartum depression. I'm here to help myself move forward and be the best person I can be.  

I'm also having a little ...what's the word?...frustration when I'm around people that are reading my blog and they treat me like I'm broken.  I feel like they look at me like, "Poor, sad Kara. Her life is so hard."

Guys, I'm doing okay!  I don't have a problem talking about my problems with people. No one needs to talk to me like I'm fragile.  

This blog is a good place for me to see what I need to change and remember the things I've learned to progress to higher ground. :)


  1. Kara,

    I just want to thank you for sharing this blog- It makes me feel like I'm not the only one out there thinking this, and its sooo funny too because I have a problem and its like the next day your blogging about it- saying how you deal with it. Its NOT A HARD LIfE. It's BEAUTIFUL life, just a little hectic and unbalanced- and well a little messy too! I just have to say- I'm just LIKE YOU when it comes the "holly homemaker" i'm definately lazy... its easy to be when you have a little one-cuz you tend to worry more about them then yourselves plus its almost easier to do that then be running errands all day long (idk about you, but this makes for a cranky baby and cranky mommy- so its just easier to stay at home!) Oh and the 16- I feel like that all the stinkin time. seriously- we are still 16 if you are still the Kara I know you are... well Kara;) and I'm still crazy Emily... but yes- thank you! I feel like your blog is here to help moms and wifes like me feel like we aren't alone! KEEP POSTING;)

  2. Kara,
    I really like your blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and things that are going on. Its helped me to realize that I'm not the ONLY one that feels completely unbalanced in certain aspects of my life. And it makes me feel more normal to know that other women are facing some of the same trials & worries. You are dang brave girl! I appreciate your honesty and your personal reflections. To those who act like their lives are perfect...I would beg to differ. Life is great and wonderful, but we each have our own personal trials &'ve just been kind enough to share how you are overcoming yours! And for that, I am grateful because its helped me to reflect on what I could do better in my life and how I can try to make this crazy life we live as women (holy cow hormones!!) more balanced. Its a constant and daily thank you for your honesty!!